LG 18650HB6 1500mAh 30A High Power Battery Cell

Suitable for most elcetronic devices, especially power tools such as e-bike and drill, e-cigarettes.



NO. Item Specifications
1 Nominal Voltage 3.65V
2 Nominal Capacity

1500mAh std.

1400mAh min.

3 Standard charge

Constant Current: 750mA

Constant voltage : 4.2V

End current(Cut off) : 50mA

4 Max. Charge Current

Constant current: 4000mA

End condition (cut-off): 100mA

5 Max. Charge Voltage 4.25 V
6 Standard Discharge

Constant Current: 300mA

End current(Cut off) : 2.0V

7 Max. continuous discharge


8 Discharge cut-off voltage 
End of discharge
( 2.5V discharge cut-off is better in cycle life )
9 Cell weight

48.0g max. 

10 Cell dimension

Height :  65.2mm max.
Diameter :   18.4  mm max.

11 Operating temperature 
(surface temperature)

Charge : 0 to 50
Discharge: -20 to 75

12 Storage temperature 
(Recovery 90% after storage)  

1 year -20~20°C
3 months -20~45°C
1 month -20~60°C




Suitable for most elcetronic devices, especially for thoses that require high discharge current such as e-bike and drill, e-scooters and power tools.
These cellls can only be applied to battery pack assembling by adding a BMS/PCM (protection circuit module)

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