2S PCB/PCM for 2 Series 7.4V Li-ion Battery Pack EVVA-2004-A

Apply to protection of two cells lithium-ion battery pack, which is set according to requirement of customer.
Item Specifications
Model EVVA-2004-A
PCB Material FR4
Dimension  L55*W7.8mm
Voltage  DC 8.40V CC/CV
Overcharge Detection Voltage 4.35±0.05V
Overcharge Detection Delay Time 1.0±0.5mS
Over Discharge Detection Voltage 2.3±0.1V
Over Discharge Detection Delay Time 1.0±0.5ms
Over Current Detection Voltage 0.30±0.015V
Over Current Detection Current 3-5A
Detection Delay Time 1.0S
Release Condition Cut load
Detection Conditionp Exterior short circuit
Detection Delay Time 10mS
Release Condition Remove the Load 
Normal Mode 10uA