A123 ANR26650M1B LiFePo4 High Current Battery 3.3V 2500mAh 75A

A Grade A123 ANR26650M1B 2.5Ah LiFePo4 cell, with excellent abuse tolerance and superior cycle life from A123’s patented Nanophosphate® lithium ion chemistry, high power and high usable energy


Item Specifications
Nominal Voltage 3.3V
Nominal Capacity 2500mAh
Recommended Standard Charge Method 1C to 3.6V CCCV, 45 min
Recommended Fast Charge Method to 80% SOC 4C to 3.6V CC, 12 min
Maximum Continuous Discharge 70A
Maximum Pulse Discharge (10 seconds) 120A
Weight 76.0g
Cycle Life at 10C Discharge, 100% DOD >1,000 cycles
Storage temperature -40~60°C
Operating Temperature -30~55°C
Applicable to Transportation--advanced energy storage for electric drive vehicles
Commercial--enabling next-generation commercial products
Electric grid--dynamic energy solutions for a smarter grid