Vappower IMR26650 5000mAh 35A High Drain Battery

Vappower 26650 5000mAh high drain li-ion battery with 35amps continuous discharge rate, suitable for most electronic devices that requires high performance


NO. Item Specifications
1 Nominal Voltage 3.7V
2 Capacity 500mAh Nominal
4900mAh Minimum
3 Internal Impedance (1kHz AC typical, mΩ) 20mΩ max.
4 Recommended Standard Charge Method CCCV, 1A, 4.2±0.05V, 50mA cut-off
5 Recommended Fast Charge Method to 80% SOC CCCV, 5A, 4.2±0.05V, 100mA cut-off
6 Maximum Continuous Discharge 35A
7 Maximum Pulse Discharge (10 seconds) 60A
8 Cell weight


9 Cell dimension

Height : 66.5±0.5mm
Diameter : 26.25±0.2mm

10 Charge temperature


11 Storage temperature


12 Operating Temperature -20~55°C


Applicable for electrtonic devices which require high performance with high discharge current, such as eletric vehicles, power tools, ext.