Li-ion 653450 3.7V 1230mAh Rechargeable Prismatic Battery Pack with PCM

High quality Li-ion cell from Samsung and self-designed smart PCM.
Item Specification
Model SP-6353450
Cell Model Samsung ICP653450U, made in South Korea
Nominal Capacity 1230mAh
Nominal Voltage 3.7V
Charging Voltage 4.2V
Standard Charge Current 615mA
Standard Discharge Current 246mA
Maximum Discharge Current 1.0C for continuous
2.0C for peak
End Voltage of Discharge 2.75V
Cycle Life ≥300 cycles
Weight 30g max.
Size  54mm*36mm*7mm approximate
Customized Acceptable
Made of 1pcs of Samsung ICP653450U Li-ion rechargeable cell with PCB protection circuit.
Well protected gainst over charge, over discharge, short circuit and over current
Applicable to a variety of portable electronic devices
OEM available on configuration, color, wire and connector, logo, etc.