3S2P 18650 11.1V Li-ion Battery 5200mAh with Heating Element Wires Out

Customized battery pack with heating element,which can keep the battery warm under very cold weather
Item Specification
Model EV1865H-3S2P
Nominal Voltage 11.1V (can be customized)
Nominal Capacity 5200mAh (can be customized)
Charging Voltage 12.6V std.
Cut-off Voltage 7.5V 
Standard Charge Current 0.5C
Standard Discharge Current 0.2C
Max. discharge current 1C
PCB  Yes
Heating Element Self-limiting temperature, dimension, thinkness, with 3M adhesive
Heating temperature customized
No.of wires 3 or 4
Weight 298g max,
Dimension 55.8mm*70.2mm*36.6mm approx.
The heating element or battery heater ensures that the battery can be kept and operated properly at optimal temperature with a minimum of energy consumption. 
The inherent self-limitation ensures that each part of battery can be heated evenly and not overheated to damage.