LG INR18650 M26 2600mAh 10A High Drain Lithium ion Battery

2600mAh with 10A discharge, applicable to light electric vehicle
Item Specification
Standard Capacity Nominal: 2600mAh
Minimum: 2500mAh
Nominal Voltage 3.65V
Standard Charge Constant current: 0.5C (1250mA)
Constant voltage: 4.2V
End condition (cut-off): 50mA
Max. Charge Voltage 4.2V
Max. Charge Current 1.0C (2500mA)
Standard Discharge Constant current: 0.2C(500mA)
End voltage (cut-off): 2.75V
Max. Discharge Current 10A
Max. Temperature Limit 75℃
Weight 44.0g approx.
Dimension 18.4mm*65.2mm (max.)
Application Light electric vehicle
EVVA is capable of assembling battery packs by using the suitable cells for you. Contact us for OEM orders.