18650 3S3P 11.1V 5200mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery for Outdoor Lighting

18650 3S2P Li-ion rechargeable battery pack with protection circuit module and DC connectors
Item Specification
Model EV1865F-3S2PA
Cell origin Samsung or Sanyo Li-ion high quality cell
Nominal voltage 11.1V
Charge Voltage 12.6V
Nominal Capacity 5200mAh (can be customized)
PCM function can protect battery from:
over charge
over discharge
short circuit
Standard discharge current 1.0C
Cut-off voltage 7.5V
Connector type DC
Dimension (D)56mm*66mm(H)
Weight 305g approx.
Customized acceptable
Applicable to lightintg and other devices with this connectors