LithiumWerks 26650 4S3P 13.2V 7500mAh LiFePo4 Battery Pack for Electric Motercycle

Use original A123 high drain cell,and weld with copper plate to allow higher current passing through.
Item Specification
Model ANR26650-4S3P
Nominal Capacity 7500mAh
Nominal Voltage 13.2V
Cell model Original A123 ANR26650M1B LiFePo4 cell, A Grade
Max. Continuous Discharge  210A
Pulse Discharge 300A
Welding Material Pure copper and nickel plate
Connecotor Type Customized
Weight 950g approx.
Dimension 110mm(L)*82mm(W)*68mm(H) approx.
Applicable to  EV(electric vehicle), electric motorcycle ect.