1S1P 18650 3.65V Li-ion Battery for Garden Tool 2250mAh

High quality Li-ion cell and PCM for a safe using condition.
Item Specification
Model 1S1P-ICR18650MF1
Nominal Capacity 2250mAh 
Minimum Capacity 2150mAh
Cell Origin South Korea
Nominal Voltage 3.65V
Charging Voltage 4.2V
Standard Charge Current 0.5C
Rapid Charge Current 1C
Standard Discharge Current 0.2C
Rapid Discharge Current 0.5C
End Voltage of Discharge 2.5V
PCB Function Protecting battery from over-charge, over-discharge,
short circuit, etc.
Cycle Life ≥500 cycles
Weight 50g max
Dimension 65mm(H)*19.2mm(D) approximate
OEM Available
Made of 1pcs of 18650 quality Li-ion rechargeable cell with PCB protection circuit.
Applicable to a variety of portable electronic devices
OEM orders available for capacity, voltage, connector, color, wires length, logo etc.