13S8P Rear Rack 48V 27Ah Ebike Battery Pack

Composed by 104pcs of A Grade Panasonic NCR18650B Li-ion cells, built-in high=end BMS and water-resistant Aluminium Case.
Items Specifications
Description Rear Rack 48V Ebike Battery Pack 
Model EV13S8P-R7
Nominal Voltage 48V
Nominal Capacity 27Ah (OEM capacity range from 20-28Ah)
Cells Origin Original A Grade brand cells from Panasonic, Samsung or LG Chem 
Charge Voltage 54.6V
Max. Continuous Discharge Current 10-25A (OEM)
Over Discharge Protection Voltage 2.5±0.025V per cell
Over Charge Protection Voltage 4.25±0.025V per cell
BMS Function Against over charge, over discharge, short circuit and over temperature, balancing, etc.
Weight 6.5kg approx.
Dimension 395mm(L)*148mm(W)*80mm(H)
Case Aluminium Case 
Operating Temperature Charge: 0~45 dgC
Discharge: -20~55 dgC
Cycle Life Over 80% capacity after 500 cycles,
Applicable to electric bicycle, mountain bicycle, excite bike, etc.
Use A Grade Li-ion cells directly from Samsung, LG Chem, Panasonic (Sanyo), Molicel etc, high-end self-designed BMS.
OEM orders are available such as height, capacity, plug, etc.