18650 6S1P 21.6V 2600mAh Lithium ion Battery Pack for Fascia Gun

Selected high quality A Grade fresh Li-ion rechargeable battery cells with integrated protection circuit
Items Specifications
Model EV1865-6S1P-K2
Configurations 6S1P
Nominal Voltage 21.6V
Nominal Capacity 2600mAh 
Dimension 131.42mm(L)*35.28mm(W)*34.82mm(H)
Weight 300g max.
Std. Charge Current 0.5C
Std. Charge Voltage 25.2V
Std. Discharge Current 0.2C
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 15V
Protection Circuit  Built-in
Cycle Life over 1000 times
Applicable to a wide range of electronic devices such as Fascia gun, searchlight, medical equipment, diving light etc.
OEM service is available.