Frog Type 24V 36V 48V Electric Bike Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Selecting Samsung Lithium ion cells to build the pack, supporting voltage from 24V to 48V,and capacity from 7Ah to 20Ah.
Part No. EV1865FR0423
Cell origin Selected A Grade Samsung or Panasonic power cells
Nominal Capacity 6000mAh~10000mAh (customized)
Nominal Voltage 24V,36V, 48V
Standard Charge Voltage 29.4V, 42V, 54.6V full charged
Standard Charge Current 0.2C
Case IP65 Seatpost plastic box
Connector Customized
Balancing function Yes
Max. Continuous Discharge Current 20A (customized)
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 17.5V, 25V, 32.5V
Dimension 260*165*120*60mm
Weight 6kg max.
Operating Temperature Charge: 0~45dgC
Discharge: -20~60dgC