7.4V 6400mAh 18650 2S2P 4-cell Li-ion Battery Pack with XT30 connector

With Panasonic NCR18650BD cells and with EVVA high-end protection circuit built in the pack, quality and high performance is guaranteed.
Model EV18650BD-2S2P
Part No. 2002-03-AM20
Cell origin A Grade Panasonic NCR18650BD Li-ion cells
Nominal Capacity 6400mAh (customized)
Nominal Voltage 7.4V
Std.Charge Voltage 8.4V
Std.Charge Current 0.5C
Std. Discharge Current 0.2C 
Max. Discharge Current 10A (Customized)
PCM built-in Yes
Connector XT30
PCM function Protect battery from over-charge, over-discharge and short circuit
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 6V
Dimension (L)36.50mm*(W)36.50*(H)68.20mm approx.
Weight 200g max.
Operating Temperature Charge: 0~45dgC
Discharge: -20~60dgC