26V 2800mAh Lithium ion High Drain Battery Pack for Washing Vacuum Cleaner

Selected A Grade 18650 high drain battery cells, welded with copper tin alloy to allow high current,applicable to washing vacuum cleaner.
Model EV1865L-7S1P
Part No. 7001-02-BF23
Cell origin Molicel Low weather high drain cell
Nominal Capacity 2800mAh (customized)
Nominal Voltage 25.2V
Std.Charge Voltage 29.4V
Std.Charge Current 2.8A
Max. Discharge Current 35A
PCM built-in No
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 17.5V
Welding Material Copper tin alloy
Dimension (L)155.74mm*(W)71.29mm*(H)26.73mm approx.
Weight 358g max.
Operating Temperature Charge: 0~45dgC
Discharge: -40~60dgC
This battery pack is used as the replacement battery for washing vacuum cleaner.
With copper tin alloy welding on the battery, it can allow very high current and help the cleaner clean stains out of fabrics such as carpets, mattresses and furniture