Panasonic NCR18650B 3.7V 3400mAh Li-ion battery Cell

High capacity among 18650 li-ion cells, made in Japan


Item Specification
Nominal Capacity 3400mAh(0.2C, 2.50V discharge)
Minimum Capacity 3250mAh (0.2C, 2.50V discharge)
Charging Voltage 4.2±0.05V
Nominal Voltage 3.6V
Charging Method CC-CV (constant voltage with limited current)
Charging Current Standard charge: 1700mAh, Rapid charge: 3400mAh
Charging Time Standard charge: 3 hours, Rapid charge: 2.5 hours

Max. Charge Current

3400mAh (ambient temperature 25°C)
Max. Discharge Current 6800mAh (ambient temperature 25°C)
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 2.50V
Cell Weight 48g max.
Cell Dimension Height: 65.00mm max. Diameter: 18.25mm max.
Operating Temperature Charge: 0 to 45 °C Discharge:-20 to 60°C

Application : Laptop, Power Bank, ESS(Energy Storage System), UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply)