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Battery Definitions

Ni-Cd – Nickel Cadmium batteries are an older technology; however they have some very good characteristics. These batteries have a longer shelf life as they do not discharge as quickly as NiMH batteries after being charged. Using today’s battery charger technology these batteries are quicker to charge as they have a lower capacity. These batteries typically will give you around 500 life cycles. The price is very attractive and they are perfect for low drainage devices. The down side to these batteries is that they have a “Memory Effect”. This effect will occur if you partially use the battery and then charge it. This will cause the battery to have fewer life cycles. If you discharge the battery before using it, then this problem will not occur. Nicad batteries are still very popular in cordless phones, RC vehicles, solar lights, remote controls, clocks, hand held radios and much more.

Ni-MH – Nickel Metal Hydride is a newer battery technology. Many of the old Nicd batteries are now available in NiMH. These batteries have a much higher capacity then Nicd, so your device will have a much longer run time in between charges. NiMH batteries do not have a “Memory effect” so you can charge them even if they have only been used a bit. They are more expensive then Ni-CD, however you can typically get around 1000 life cycles. These batteries are also more environmentally friendly as they have nothing harmful in them. They are best used in high draining devices; Digital Cameras, Children’s toys, Walkmans, Discmans, Cellular phones, flash lights and more.

LI-ON – Lithium Ion is the newest battery chemistry that exists today. Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries can be just as high in capacity and in most cases higher then Ni-MH batteries. LI-ON batteries are only available in laptop and cellular phone batteries. Lithium Ion batteries are smaller and lighter in weight than Ni-MH batteries. They do not have “memory effect” and are more expensive.

Battery Terminology

Amp Hours (Ah) – Refers to the amperage – the strength of the electrical current expressed in amperes that the battery can hold. The higher the Ah, the longer the battery will last in-between charges (See mAh Below).
Capacity – Measured in Amp Hours (Ah) or Milliamp Hours and is the amount of time the battery can supply the necessary voltage.
Cell – One individual battery.

Charge – With the use of a charger, charging a battery will insert energy into it.

Condition – The process by which a battery is discharged and charged in order to guarantee maximum performance.

Discharge – The process of taking energy out of a battery.

Life Cycle – The amount of times a battery can be charged and discharged before it no longer has any power.

Memory Effect – The Effect that represents the decrease in capacity and voltage in Ni-Cd batteries due to repetitive charging and incomplete discharging. This results in loss of run-time in-between charges. Ie: If 50% of a Ni-CD battery is consistently used and then charged, the battery will eventually forget that it isn’t discharged all the way and will only be functional at 50% capacity

Milliamp Hours (mAh) – Applies to how much energy the battery can store (capacity of the battery). The higher the mAh, the longer the battery will last before needing to be charged. One mAh is the equivalent to 1/1000 Amps. IE: 2.5 Ah = 2500 mAh.

Self-Discharge – If batteries are fully charged and sit on the shelf for one-two months, they will Self-Discharge. By Self-Discharging, the batteries will lose capacity on their own when not being used in a device.

Minimum Order Quantity:
MOQ for Lithium cells is 100 pcs
MOQ for Ni-MH/Ni-CD batteries is 2000 pcs
MOQ for Battery Pack is100 pcs
MOQ for Battery charger and adapter is 50 pcs
MOQ for PCM is 1000 pcs
MOQ for Power banks is 200pcs

Trade Term

FOB HONG KONG or FOB Shenzhen 


Payment Terms::
T/T in advance, Paypal

Standard Label: standard replacement battery pack label (i.e. For IPOD, For Sony PSP) Custom-made Label: all artwork, film and printing costs are to be paid by customer (minimum printing order: 1K/model and will be quoted by printer).

Packing: hard paper box or color box

According to IATA requirement, we will package each two batteries into a small box to ensure safety and well protection.

As a one-stop source of a wide range of lithium batteries, EVVA offers the best solution to its OEM customers based on customers’ requirements. Confident on its manufacturing expertise and resources, EVVA ensures not only high performance and function in its product but also a safe and reliable manufacturing solution for clients during mass production phases.

Advantages of EVVA OEM/ODM Services:

* Broad range of lithium battery products.

* Experienced support teams for OEM customers.

* Fast and on-time delivery.

* Quick RMA replacement.

Application field of EVVA OEM/ODM Services:


Lighting, GPS, medical equipment, electric bicycle, electric scooter, electric vehicle, UAV, electronic cigarettes and other electronic devices, ect.

Over 5 years, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality cells to make lithium battery packs.
Currently we accept customizations of Li-ion battery/pack, Li-polymer battery/pack, Li-prismatic battery/pack and LiFePo4 battery/pack from small to big dimensions, but only use corresponding cells on sale to make sure every pack manufactured by EVVA has top quality.
1) Send us your detailed requirements, including Voltage/Capacity/Charge & Discharge Current /Dimension/Connectors/Artwork.... etc;
2) We will give you solution/solutions after estimation;
3) Price, quantity, payment confirmation;
4) Sample approval;
5) Mass production.
Yes, all of our products are brand new, we never sell second hand items. With a specialized quality control system, each product has been tested as “verified". To know how we make an excellent battery/pack, please refer to “About US -> Factory Tour".
1) There are 2 ways to place an order from EVVA Technology. Contact us by online message, you can leave message at “CONTACT US -> Feedback -> Inquiry” 2) Contact us by email: [email protected].