3.3V 2600mAh LithiumWerks ANR26650M1B LiFePo4 High Current Long Cycle Life Battery

A Grade Lithiumwerks ANR26650M1B 2.6Ah LiFePo4 cell,with excellent abuse tolerance and superior cycle life from A123’s patented Nanophosphate® lithium ion chemistry, high power and high usable energy. Its old version is A123 ANR26650M1B.


Item Specifications
Nominal Voltage 3.3V
Capacity Typical: 2600mAh
Minimum: 2500mAh
Impedance <10mΩ
Cycle Life >4000 cycles
Recommended Standard Charge  3A
Max. Continuous Charge Current  10A (1.2C)
Pulse Charge Current (10 seconds) 26A (8C)
Recommended Fast Charge Voltage 3.6V
Maximum Continuous Discharge 52A (20C)
Maximum Pulse Discharge (10 seconds) 120A (48C)
Minimum Voltage 1.2V
Weight around 76.0g
Dimension Diameter: 25.96mm±0.5mm
Height: 65.4mm±0.25mm
Storage temperature -40~70°C
Operating Temperature charge: -30~60°C
discahrge: 0~60°C
Whether the application requires outstanding cycle life or stable float reliability, the Lithium Werks’ 26650 cells are suitable for a wide variety of power,
pulse, or stand-by applications. Such as Uninterruptible Power Supplies,Frequency regulation, Aviation/Aerospace, Medical devices, Engine starting, Energy storage, Industrial equipment, Electrified mobility devices, Telecom & 5G battery back-up etc.
EVVA is capable of building battery packs for different customers according to different requirements. 
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