15A Discharge Sanyo NCR20700B 4250mAh Li-ion High Drain Battery

Authentic NCR20700B high drain cell made in Japan, with 15A max. discharge current and very high 4250mAh capacity.


Item Specifications
Nominal Voltage 3.60V
Capacity 4250mAh Typical
4050mAh Minimum
4000mAh Rated
Charging Method CC-CV (constant voltage with limited current)
Charge Current Constant charge: 2000mA
Charging Voltage 4.20V
Charging Time Standard charge: 180min.
Discharging End Voltage 2.50V
Max. Discharge Current 15A
Cell dimension

Height : 65.30mm max.
Diameter : 18.50mm max.

Cell Weight Less than 63.0g
Operating temperature 
(surface temperature)

Charge : 10 to 45°C
Discharge: -20 to 60°C

Applicable to home appliance, Energy storage system, Electric vehicles, Power tools, Garden tools and many other battery packs that require high discharge current.
Notice: This cell can not be single used outside a battery pack without PCM.
EVVA is capable of assembling customized battery packs by using these cells for you.
OEM available on connectors, configurations, wires, colors, logos and package etc.