12V 7.5Ah Lead Acid Replacement LiFePo4 Battery Fast Charge Discharge

Compared with lead-acid batteries,this 12V batteies select high quality LiFePo4 cells to offer exceptional performance and super long cycle life based on high safety and environmentally protection standard.
Model EVVA-12V7
Nominal Voltage 13.2V
Nominal [email protected] 7.5Ah
Battery Chemistry Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4)
Energy 64Wh
Internal Resistance (AC) 50mΩ
Cycle Life@1C 100% DOD >4000 cycles
Max.Charge / Discharge Current 30A
Peak Discharge Current 50A (1S)
Monthly Self Discharge Less than 2%
Efficiency of Charge 100% @0.5C
Efficiency of Discharge 96~99% @1C
Charge Voltage 14.6±0.2V
Charge Model 0.2C to 14.6V, then 14.6V, charge current to 0.02C
BMS Discharge Cut-off Voltage 10V
Operating Temperature Charge: 0~60℃
Discharge: -30~60℃
Storage: -40~70℃
Dimension (L*w*H) 150*99*94mm approx.
Weight 1.25KG 
Container Materials ABS+PC
Terminal F2
IP Class IP65
With the excellent features of long cycle life, fast charging, high rate of discharge performance, light weight and stable safety, EVVA 12V LiFePo4 battery is ideal for a wide range of application fields, such as Uninterruptible UPS systems (Industrial automation, Server UPS), Off-grid or weak-grid power systems (Oil/gas/mining, remote sensors, electronic road signs, lighting), Industrial Systems (Industrial machinery, Autonomous robots, Emergency lighting, Security systems). Medical equipment (Diagnostic equipment, Mobile carts) and so forth.

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