48V 100Ah 200Ah Lithium ion Lifepo4 Solar Battery for 5KW 10KW Solar Energy

With integrated Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS)to protect the battery (against overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, over temperature), balance the battery and provide romote communications.
Nominal Voltage 48V (15S1P)
Nominal Capacity 100Ah, 200Ah
Continuous Discharge Power@50% SOC 4800W, 9600W
Cycle Life over 2500 cycles @80% DOD, 0.2C/0.2C
Communication Port RS485/CAN
Charge Voltage 54V
Charge Current 20A, 40A
Max. Charge Current 100A
Discharge Current 50A, 60A
Max. Continuous Discharge Current 100A
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 39V
Operating Temperature -20~60dgC
Shall Materials Sheet metal chassis
Battery Size 483(L)*450(W)*153(H)mm,  490(L)*465(W)*222(H)mm
Pack Weight 40KG, 80KG
Use quality Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries which can provide safety and long cycle life.
with Canbus for remote control and communication, suitable for applications like telecom base station energy storage, home energy storage system,  UPS backup power supply etc.

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