Button Top Unprotected Samsung INR18650-30Q Lithium ion Battery

This is original Samsung 30Q cell spot welded with a button cap in order for better battery pack builing.
Nominal Voltage 3.6V
Nominal Capacity 3000mAh
Minimin Capacity 2950mAh
Std. Charge  1.5A, 4.2V, 150mA cut-off, 180min
Rapid Charge 4A, 4.2V,100mA cut-off, 70min
Max. Continuous Discharge  15A (without temperature cut)
30A (with 80dgC temperature cut)
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 2.5V
Cell weight 48g
Dimension (D)18.4mm*(H)65mm max.
Operating Temperature
Charge : 0 to 50
Discharge: -20 to 80

Application: E-bike, E-scooter, EV (Electric Vehicle), Garden Tool, Vacuum Cleaner, ESS(Energy Storage System), UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply)
Warning: Cell is without any protection and need to be used with a PCB. Any single cell is not for sale.
EVVA is capable of assembling different battery packs by combining these high-end battery cells and self-developed BMS based on our professional rich skills.
OEM orders are available!


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