Molicel INR21700 P50B 5000mAh 3C Charge 10C discharge Power Cell

Superior low temperature performance, with high capacity and 3C charge, 10C max. discharge capability, ideal for any high performance applications on board environment conditions.
Capacity Typical: 5000mAh
Minimum: 4850mAh
Cell Voltage Nominal: 3.6V
Charge: 4.2V
Discharge: 2.5V
Charge Current Standard: 5.0A
Maximum: 15A (70℃ cut-off)
Charge Time Standard: 1.5 hr
Max. Continuous Discharge Current 50A (80℃ cut-off)
Temperature Charge: 0~60
Discharge: -40~60
Typical Impedance AC (30%SOC): 7mΩ
DC(50%SOC): 15mΩ
Dimension Maximum: 21.55mm(D)*70.15mm(H) 
Weight Max: 70g
Applicable to Electric mobility, energy storage system, power tools, drone, VTOL, home appliances, industrial, etc.
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