21700 5500mAh 3.6V 3C Samsung INR21700-50E High Capacity 21700 Battery

The highest capacity among 21700 cells, with medium dischagre current
Capacity Typical: 5550mAh
Minimum: 5330mAh
Cell Voltage Nominal: 3.64V
Charge: 4.2V
Discharge: 2.5V
Charge Current Standard: 0.5C
Maximum: 1C
Charge Time Standard: 4 hrs
Max. Continuous Discharge Current 2C (for continuous discharge)
3C (not for continuous discharge)
Temperature Charge: 0~45
Discharge: -10~60
Dimension Maximum: 21.78mm(D)*71.00mm(H) 
Weight Max: 74g
Applicable to Electric mobility, energy storage system, power tools, drone, VTOL, home appliances, industrial, etc.
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