LG INR21700-M50LT 5000mAh 15A Lithium ion Battery Packs OEM

The symbol M50LT - is a designation of a cell's life span that is twice as long as compared to the M50T version.
Item Specifications
Nominal Voltage 3.69V
Nominal Capacity 5000mAh
Minimum Capacity 4800mAh
Charge Voltage 4.20V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 2.50V
Standard Charge Current 0.3C
Max. Continuous Discharge Current 15A
Dimension  21.44mm*70.65mm
Weight 67g 
Operating Temperature Charge: 0~45℃
Discharge: -20~55℃
Cycle Life 1000+ cycles
M50LT is the updated version from M50, with a much longer cycle life performance. Applicable to most comsurer electronic devices, personal electrical vehicles, medical devices etc.
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